Dooor @ Milan Design Week 2022

By nature, the door represents a point of access, the entrance to another world. An architectural feature that both separates and connects. This is how Dooor further develops its innate vocation, forging an unprecedented link with different creative universes that come to life in the setting of Milan Design Week 2022 from 6 to 12 June. Located in three distinct city venues, Dooor becomes the gateway to the past, present and future of design.

  • Elle Decor – Design Forever
    Palazzo Bovara, Corso Venezia 51, Milano
  • Future Habit(at)
    Archiproducts Milano – Via Tortona 31, Milano
  • Filo d’autore / The author’s thread – textiles by Torri Lana in the projects of Gianfranco Frattini
    Torri Lana Showroom – Via Pietro Calvi 1, Milano

Dooor @ “Filo d’Autore” / “The Author’s Thread” – Torri Lana showroom – #MDW22

“Filo d’Autore” / “The Author’s Thread” exhibition, a journey through the history of Made in Italy, is one of Dooor destinations at Fuorisalone 2022. A tribute to the creative genius of Gianfranco Frattini, celebrated by his long collaboration with the textile company Torri Lana, host of the exhibition in its showroom in Via Pietro Calvi. Dooor is taking part in the exhibition displaying one of 15 new color combinations, emphasised by the well-known chequered pattern that the designer often used as a wall and cupboard covering. Presented in its bilateral opening model, the folding door is inspired by Frattini’s heritage of timeless visions and forms, to which we owe the success in the 1950s of this ‘interior architecture’.

Dooor @ Elle Decor “Design Forever” – #MDW22

At Palazzo Bovara, contemporary living plays host to the ‘Design Forever’ exhibition organised by Elle Decor Italia and staged by Calvi Brambilla and Antonio Perazzi. The concept from which Dooor originates, with its 1950s allure cast in a highly technological structure, fits perfectly into the tale of contemporary living, where past and present meet in the name of quality design.

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Dooor @ Future Habit(at) – Archiproducts Milano – #MDW22

For the second year running, Dooor joins the Archiproducts Milano design experience: where the 15 rooms of the building in via Tortona 31 illustrate a vision of future living, amidst materials, colors and hybrid elements of aggregation. It is in this setting, in the installation called Future Habit(at) created by Studio Salaris, that Dooor conveys its dynamic attitude transcending times and (design) boundaries.

#DooorPress: Marie Claire Maison, April 2022

“The Door folding doors are configured at the same time as an architectural element to open up, divide or screen off an indoor area, and as a decorative element.”

Door is featured in the “Carnet Design” section of April issue of Marie Claire Maison, edited by Veronica Orsi.

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Dooor @ Maison&Object 2022, 24-28 March 2022

On the occasion of the 2022 edition of Maison&Objet, the fair dedicated to décor design in Paris from 24 to 28 March, Dooor joins the collective organized by ICE-Agency for the promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies. The installation “La Lune”, inserted in the context of a choral participation, is inspired by the fictional image of the philosopher Bruno Latour on contemporary space. It tells of a traveler who, in seek of comfort, looks at the Moon, as the only point in nature to look at without feeling discomfort for having caused an environmental disaster: it is far enough, independent and too high to be affected. “La Lune” installation recreates a midnight blue, alienating and apparently cold, but with a more welcoming and elegant side through the Dooor folding door. Duality is made possible thanks to the LE-VI BLU 8001 eco-leather finish, which is waterproof, fireproof and resistant to microorganisms on one side, and thanks to FL-ST 5126 velvet finish on the other side. Dooor allows you to adapt each space to different needs, serving as a flexible and reconfigurable background.

Behind the Dooor

Infinity is hidden in each fiber of a fabric. At Dooor we believe in caring for each step of the process: from fiber to product. We carefully select our materials to provide the best experience in design, shaping each Dooor as part of a story. A story is all we search in each work: it is about meeting people’s needs and crafting a better place to live, work, and relax. Each hand counts, each fiber counts.

Photo by Omar Sartor.

Happy Winter Holidays!

Closing and opening is a Dooor thing. While we close this year, we wish you a new joooyful season, towards new challenges and ideas to open up to.
Happy Winter Holidays – our break will start on 24 Dec ’21 until 9 Jan ’22.

Dooor is the background of the new MDF Italia catalog

Vertical lines to give rhythm to the light: this is the assignment of the folding door, enhancing the design of MDF Italia in this shot of its products.
Purity, solidity and harmony recede as a background for the shapes without overwhelming them, as in the style of Dooor.

Ph: Thomas Pagani
Styling: Paola Pastorini


Dooor @ SIA Hospitality Design, Rimini, 13-15 October 2021

Dooor is partner of Studiopepe at SIA Hospitality Design, the Italian trade fair dedicated to hôtellerie, as part of ROOMS project which includes 6 mock-ups of hotel rooms created by internationally renowned architects together with brands that promote Italian creativity all over the world.

INTERNO GIORNO is the name of the project signed by Studiopepe, capable of evoking enveloping and dreamlike atmospheres. “We envisage a future in which the way we use hotel rooms will change and where you can spend more time than just the night.”

Dooor @ Archiproducts Milano, July 2021

Dooor is partner of Archiproducts Milano for Future Habit (at), the new layout of via Tortona 31 designed by Studio Salaris. Two textile doors define the space of the future, at a time when the need for flexible and reconfigurable spaces defines the new way of living.

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Dooor takes stage twice at MDW 2021, September 2021

Save The Daaate: from 4 to 10 September!

Future Habit(at) is the setting of Dooor within the new layout for Archiproducts 2021, in via Tortona 31, designed by Studio Salaris. A game of spatial variations allows us to imagine new flexible and reconfigurable spaces of the future.

Vietato l’ingresso, at Teatro Arcimboldi Milano, is a claim of curiosity for Dooor to characterize two dressing rooms, designed by Atelierzero and Park Associati, opening up the most unfathomable spaces of any theater.

Dooor @ TAM, VIETATO L’INGRESSO, June-September 2021

Dooor is technical partner of the project VIETATO L’INGRESSO (NO ENTRANCE) curated by Giulia Pellegrino at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi, where 17 prestigious design studios tell their own story giving voice and shape to inaccessible spaces, where access to the public is forbidden: the Camerini del Teatro.
From the 5th of September, the new dressing rooms will be accessible to the public until the 27th of September 2021.

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Dooor & Very Simple Kitchen

Dooor proudly announces a new collaboration with Very Simple Kitchen. The renown brand which converts the traditional kitchen into lighter and playful modules for any space, features the folding door to create a lighthearted setting for its showroom in Bologna. Pastel colors and bright surfaces play with the easygoing atmosphere of the Very Simple Kitchen to reinvent the idea of comfort and practicality.

#DooorPress: ELLE Decoration Russia, April 2021

This month ELLE Decoration Russia features one of the lastest project designed by Calvi Brambilla with a Dooor folding door as protagonist.

We are very proud to be on the cover of this special issue!

Photo: Beppe Brancato

Styling: Elena Caponi

#SocialDooor: we’re on Youtube!

We are happy to unveil Dooor’s new Youtube Channel. Have a look to discover more about our story and greatest projects so far. Archive images, shootings and campaigns will run to keep you posted about our continuous commitment in making folding doors the key solution for flexible, accessible and comfortable spaces.

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Happy New Year 2021!

This year we have learned that challenges bring new ideas. We wish everyone to embrace a new year full of opportunities, as Dooor loves to open up to new spaces.
For now, we close only to celebrate, from December 24th 2020 to January 6th 2021.

New golden handles

Light and material. These are the two terms that keep the new Dooor handle in tension: an opaque and golden surface that welcomes the light in an opening gesture that starts from sight. The folding door finds in the golden heat the ideal partner for a play of surfaces exposed to space with care and elegance.

Industrial Dooor

Space management has always been the spark for our ideas. Nowadays more than ever, spaces need partitioning and protection. Therefore, a project that has been developing for months, now takes shape in order to address the emergency with safer industrial subdivisions for the productive industry.
Made with flame retardant material, this Dooor divider allows for a safe partitioning of space without compromising productivity and comfort.
The stitching is coated with kevlar and made with stainless steel, guaranteeing maximum functionality and safety.

Dooor knocks and presents itself at Milano Design Week 2019

The new brand of folding doors has chosen Calvi Brambilla studio for its debut at Palazzo Litta with the Walk Out The Dooor installation. For its official launch during Milan Design Week 2019, Dooor appointed Calvi Brambilla to handle its artistic direction. As well as designing the Walk Out The Dooor installation (Palazzo Litta, 9-14 April 2019), Calvi Brambilla also brought in Zaven to take care of the brand’s coordinated image, the new catalogue and the new website (, and invited Marco Sammicheli to write an introduction to the catalogue.

Installation View

Walk Out The Dooor

Walk Out The Dooor is an installation designed and curated by Calvi Brambilla to celebrate the partnership with up-and-coming brand Dooor, whose sound identity is rooted in the design of 50s-style folding doors and which now speaks the new language of fluid living. The display layout is an architectural exercise on the ability of Dooor’s folding door to give spaces new identities, creating a contrast with the frescoed rooms of Palazzo Litta. The Walk Out the Dooor narrative plays out along two routes to highlight the versatility of the folding doors across a variety of spatial layouts and different styles: enveloped in warm hues, the linear route presents different materials and finishings for the moveable structure; the circular route, featuring cold hues, forms the outline of a small living room. Zaven designed the pattern for the circular route, heralding the company’s new willingness to team up with Italian and international designers and graphic designers in the future.

Marco Sammicheli — Folding Interiors

The character of an interior depends on the size and shape of the rooms, the psychological impact of the light, the insight of the designer, all of which transform a volume of full and empty spaces into a home for all purposes. Thresholds are what allow us to divide up space without foregoing the sense of whole. Curtains, doors, windows and sliding partitions are all thresholds. The folding door is a fusion of these elements.